Apple recently released the new version of OS X, named El Capitan, and it promises to improve the performance of your Mac.

About 48% of Ovation Internet subscribers are Mac users, therefore we deemed it necessary to provide some tips and suggestions on this upgrade.

Please note, the upgrade is approximately 5Gig in size, if your internet connection is dodgy be careful, as it could use a large chunk of your available data, causing your internet data to be “rate limited”.

Tip: Rather get the upgrade on an external hard drive, from your local iStore or contact us for suggestions.

Tip: If you have to download it make sure you have a fast internet connection, and start your download at midnight (24h00). On an average 4Mbps ADSL line the upgrade could take around three to five hours.

Tip: Make sure your Mac meets the requirements; click here

Reasons to upgrade to OS X El Capitan:

Consider these before you upgrade:

  1. Improved speed and performance, even for older Macs.
  2. If you have frequent WiFi problems this upgrade will solve most of them.
  3. According to Apple your applications should open 1.4 times faster than before, and PDF files should open four times faster using Preview.
  4. Improved Spotlight search results; contextual search results in mail and finder;
  5. Ability to pin full-screen applications to one side of the screen or the other, enabling you to open two screens side-by-side;
  6. We love this – the ability to shake the trackpad to find your cursor
  7. Notes app has been improved, providing similar features to popular paid notes apps.
  8. More information can be found here:

Reasons NOT to upgrade to OS X El Capitan:

  1. Your mac is more than seven years old and has 2Mbps memory or below; click on the apple icon in the top left corner; select “About this Mac”; and look for the year and the amount of memory.
  2. You have a deadline to finish a project or task. Rather wait till your deadline is met, then if you have free time risk a day.
  3. You do not have the ability to make a backup! Make sure you can make a full backup of all your data before you upgrade
  4. Check the compatibility of your applications, for example, MS Office 2016 has an issue with El Capitan, wait a couple of weeks for this to resolve itself before you upgrade.

Where to validate the prerequisites before upgrading:

Follow this link to the Apple site for more information.

Not sure but desperately needing a performance improvement:

Look for our previous post on what to do to improve the performance of your Mac.