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Website Audit

Is your website listed on the first page of Google Search when you search for your product?

Have you had a competitive analysis performed on your website recently?

Is your website updated regularly?

If you answered no on any of these questions chances are your website is not working for your business. As most consumers search for information on Google, Bing or Yahoo and their buying decision is made based on information from the internet; your site needs to be where they are looking.

Websites have become a 24/7 virtual sales and marketing tool; therefore it requires to “speak” with your customer on their terms, providing them with the information to influence their buying decision.

A website audit will analyse various aspects of your site, including analytics, ranking, performance, social media integration and is best performed with your competition in mind.

Why perform a website audit yearly?

Google and Bing change their ranking criteria regularly, therefore your site needs to confirm to their criteria to maintain its ranking. Your competition probably updates their web assets regularly to maintain a competitive advantage.

Website audit service:

Internet marketing is effective in promoting a business, products or services using the internet.

A website audit will cover four distinct areas of your web presence and report on its effectiveness: