Unlike Windows, Macs are generally much more efficient in maintaining its performance levels, but like all computers or smartphones they do suffer from over usage.

Here are some BASIC tips to improve the performance for older Macs:

  1. The easiest way to improve the performance of any computer is to upgrade the memory, this could be costly for some users, but there is a very nifty tool to help improve your memory usage called Memory Clean (search for it on the Apple App Store)
  2. Clean up your Hard Drive; Mac requires around 30% free space on your hard drive to perform optimally.
  3. Clean up your Desktop; ideally you should not have too many files on your desktop, rather move them to your documents, pictures or movie folders.
  4. Remove non-essenstial items from your login items, to find this go to System Preferences, Users & Groups and select the Login Items tab; click here for more info
  5. Remove old and redundant applications that you do not use anymore, these could use space and memory and contribute to performance degradation.
  6. Clear your web browser cache regularly, this could use a significant amount of hard drive space. Here are some links to find out how to do clear your browser cache:
    • Search on google for “clear browser cache (your browser name)”

Enjoy your Mac!