domain registation

Domain Registration to reserve your unique presence on the internet.

Our domain management system empowers you to make changes at a moments notice, update your email server, website addresses, simply and efficiently.

Select from .com,, .org,, .joburg, .capetown, .durban or any other domain extension you might need.

Pricing varies, subject to the length of the domain name, and the extension selected.

See our tips below on creating a domain name and selecting the extension:

Tips for registering your unique domain name:

  • Domain registration with a name that reflects your company, product, or service
  • Consider your target market’s geographical area:
    If you are targeting consumers in South Africa only select a domain. Similarly if your target market is international select a .com domain.

  • It is advisable to perform keyword research before you select your domain. This will help and contribute to better ranking on search engines. We can also do some research for you!
  • Keep it simple, and easy to remember, try not to select a domain name that is too long!
  • Remember it represents your brand, if you need help contact us!

What we need:

  • Your domain name
  • Preferred extension
  • and that’s all, simple, effective and easy
your service is miles ahead of the competition
John, home user

All administration is done by us, with premium support included, unless of course you would prefer to do your own administration.