Company Profile


Established in 1996, Ovation initially started as a web development company. In 2001 the company extended their focus to provide their clients with comprehensive QUALITY INTERNET related services. In August 2001 Ovation purchased two other ISP's namely 3 White Dogs and Gonet in February 2002. Ovation has grown in stature since 2002 to develop the most complex applications using a variety of platforms. Ovation focuses on understanding the business of each of our clients in order to provide a unique and effective strategy that will differentiate our customers from their competitors.

Ovation has established itself as a long-lasting quality internet service provider in 2014!

Quality Policy

Ovation is committed to quality assurance and will ensure that all products and services rendered meet the stated performance criteria and are in accordance with the specified requirements of clients. Ovation's efforts to provide quality are thus governed by the following objectives:-

  • To ensure that we remain true to our beliefs and values regarding our clients, our employees and all other business associates.
  • To achieve overall awareness of quality assurance and to create a climate of continuous improvement of quality within Ovation.
  • To ensure all employees are adequately equipped and trained to perform their duties in a commendable manner.

We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct!

Our services:

  • Internet Connectivity
    ISDN and Normal Dialup
    Diginet Lines
  • Web Hosting
    Secure Windows & Linux hosting
    Server farming
    Firewalls & security
  • E-mail
    Pop and browser access
    Self-configuration of mailbox
    Mail administrator facilities
    Virus scanning and Antispam
    Etrn & corporate mail spooling
  • DNS services